Workflow Management

Looking for a powerful Workflow Management application? Look no further! Try "Omniphlex"...

Cloud Computing

Don't want to invest in your own workflow servers? Run your workflows on our Omniphlex servers!

PhleXss is based in The Netherlands and has been in business since 2000. We specialize in workflow-management and our flagship product is “Omniphlex“. Although we have a background in the pre-press/publishing world, our (workflow-management) experience is not limited to this field. Some of our other areas of expertise include database-publishing and custom (web) application development. We mainly focus on the Microsoft Windows platforms and most of our software is programmed in Visual Studio and the Microsoft.NET framework.

Our products

…is a powerful workflow management application for the Microsoft Windows platform.
Using the easy-to-use graphical flowchart-style interface it’s simple to create powerful workflows to:
  • automate system tasks
  • database management/tasks
  • hotfolder monitoring
  • email handling
  • PDF processing
  • Active Directory management
  • Sharepoint management
  • secure(ftp)
  • S3 file management
  • Image processing
  • Encryption/decryption
  • XML processing
  • …and much more

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