Omniphlex uses modular licensing.

The most basic license you need is the “core license”. This core-license includes a specific set of plugins and a license to run 1-daemon.


For detailed information on pricing please visit our webshop.


The PLUS option is a 1-year subscription that can be added to full-licenses and gives you:

  • Only valid for full licenses (all pugin packs)
  • Runtime is always 1 year (no automatic renewal)
  • During the PLUS period you are entitled to the following;
    • Email support (no guaranteed response times)
    • Access to our web-based support portal (
    • Free major upgrades
    • Free license-updates when new functionality (plugins) becomes available. Note: this does not include plugins which require a third-party license)
    • PLUS licenses must be extended without interruption. For instance if a PLUS license is not extended one year, but the following year is extended again the right for free major upgrades is suspended during the first year

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